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The Tiger "Wood" Story - Sexy Video Style

Finally it has happened! Three of the ladies that Tiger Woods used his 9-iron on decided to get together and make a little movie about his shenanigans. But don't think that this will be some crappy documentary. Oh no. For this film we actually have some solid 'acting' talent.

For the new film, 3 Mistresses: Notorious Tales of the World's Greatest Golfer, porn stars Joslyn James, Holly Sampson, and Devon James are going to share their personal stories about their experiences with the world's greatest golfer - sexy video style.

Now for those who think that these girls can't bring it, we need to remind you that they have a lot of experience in girl-on-girl, hardcore, and bondage scenes from the adult video world. How this translates to the movie...I have no freaking idea. Honestly who knows what kind of weird shit Tiger asked his various mistresses to do? Did he have to putt a ball and get a hole in one before he would let her clean his club?

I guess we will all find out soon enough. One interesting observation from the promotional shot is that the three girls are totally different; a tall blonde, a medium red-head with HUGE boobs, and a dirty blonde. It seems that Tiger doesn't have much of a type other than "ready, willing, and able".

Even though Tiger finally won a tournament and has brushed off Lee Haney's tell-all-book about life with Tiger, I expect this video will cause a bit of a ruckus when it hits the market. The only downside is that they couldn't get all of Tiger's mistresses in the film. While not all of them have 'professional' acting experience, a few of them were smoking hot! Oh well, maybe they will each make a sexy video that we can see if this first one is a smashing success. One can only hope.