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The Shine gives the Dumbest Dating Advice

Why do the fugliest, non-social skill looking people dole out dating advice? My girl was watching this show called 'The Shine' where this woman was debunking the dumbest dating advice women get. Now, while the premise is decent because almost all advice women get on dating horrible, this woman has no business giving advice on that subject.

I am not trying to be mean (but it sure as hell is going to come out that way), but this woman has no business giving any sort of advice on dating. Why? Because even if she knows everything you could possible know about dating, you can take one look at her and tell she has never tried to practically apply it. It was like Will from Goodwill Hunting who had lots of book knowledge but never applied it.

From the top down, awful hair in a ratty ponytail, bad makeup choice, pale skin, awful outfit that only highlighted the shoulder pads in her blazer and pale unshapely legs. She wore funky jewelry and black sneakers which didn't match anything. So let's be honest; she was not going to be getting much attention from the males.

Next, her attitude was absolutely horrible. She just ripped everything as being stupid and trying to make women feel bad about themselves like the advice of 'be positive'. She said that was just another way to make women feel crappy about themselves. No, we like positive women because listening to someone bitch and moan about things all the type is flipping annoying (case in point - this woman).

Yes it is true there is some dumb dating advice out there and right near the top is listening to anyone who can't get a f*&king date! We do provide dating info here on Manwall. But you know what? That is all stuff that has been proven by us to work. When Ted in accounting got divorced we sure as hell used him as our pet guinea pig for trying stuff out. Fred the intern is more than happy to troll bars for tail and try out various theories.

Being positive is great dating advice because nobody likes a negative prick. Be confident (another one this hag ripped on) is more great advice. Yes it can be hard to get in a confident mood and stay there, but it is guaranteed you will get tons more action if you are confident (not overly cocky) then being unsure of yourself. People can sense confidence and find it very appealing. In fact, that was the first thing the girl I am currently dating said she noticed about me when she saw me. She found it very attractive when she was walking up that I was a confident looking guy.

See, here at Manwall we practice what we preach. When we toss out dating advice it is not from a laptop in a lonely corner of a coffee shop at 11pm on a Friday night. So next time you are getting advice someone on what you should do and how you should do it, make sure to check the source and see if they have even the slightest clue as to what the f*&k they are talking about.