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The Sexiest Car You'll Never get to Drive

Why is this car so incredible? Just looking at the body you might think that it is similar to other Euro-supercars such as a Ferrari. But you would be oh so wrong. To start, Horacio is an artist. His car designs are precise down to each little miniscule detail including having the Pagani logo etched into every single titanium bolt on the car (1400 bolts total). The man is involved in every aspect in the design of this car and he has taken his designer eye over every curve during the production stage.

Second, this car is very rare. There is no mass production involved for a Huayra. With a small shop that employs a mere 53 people, he only can make so many vehicles. The price tag is just over a million in US dollars and he currently has a backorder of 14 cars to create for US customers. So far there are only a few of these autos in the hands of private owners and you will never see them on a showroom floor.

Third, this is an incredible piece of machinery. With a race-car styled suspension to go with active aerodynamics, the car looks sleek and fast. At a mere 3000 pounds of weight and 720 horsepower it drives even faster. Packing a 6.0 liter twin-turbo V-12 this sweet ride tops out at 230mph and manages to also get 21mpg. With its long line and wide frame handling is not a problem. (These figures come from Motor Trend and do not match the Wikipedia page that boasts 1100 horsepower and a top speed of 327mph)

Inside we have another artistic endeavor with a sculpted cockpit complete with plush leather accents, nav computer, and a nice radio to go with other standard features (such as the US model actually having airbags). This car is truly a work of art. The first one should be arriving on in the US by early 2013 (probably for Jay Leno that lucky bastard). Like a good piece of art, the value of the car has only increased after purchase. But of course I would much rather drive it than let it sit in a showroom and increase in value. Check out the test drive below: