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The Self Driving Car - Awesomeness!

Wow some days it sure seems like technology is finally catching up to our early expectations of all those sci-fi movies from the 80's and 90's. We have tiny little computers, tiny little phones, electric cars, and now the self driving car by Google.

Seriously how cool is that idea. You slap some of those crazy kids from Google into a room for a while and they come out with this awesome idea for a car smart enough to drive itself. Talk about an alcoholic's wet dream!

So far the car is still in the early testing phase. It can only drive predetermined routes that have been programmed in. I view it like having a very advanced GPS expect with limited maps to work from. But so far the results have been cool. With enough sensors to make even Iron Man jealous the car anticipates tons of problems (even if they aren't a problem) and then takes corrective action for safety. If the car ever can't decide what to do it just turns control back over the driver.

Can you imagine the apps you could add for that?
Car: "Control back to driver"
You: "Check blood-alcohol level"

Car: "Launching app, blow into tube please. BAC at 2.4. Resuming control of car. Pulling over so you can puke."

You: "Awwww than......bleeeeeaaaaahhhhhhhhhh"

Sure the car actually hitting the market is a long way off. They have a bunch of things to do like allowing the car to use turn signals and venture of a predetermined map on auto pilot. But for just the autopilot aspect alone the car sounds pretty awesome. You would never need a designated driver (as long as the car was programmed for your bar/club routes). Of course girls would always have to come back to your place, but it is a small price to pay for not waiting for a cab. Really tired and Chinese Take Out sounds great? Just nap in the car as it drives you over!

I know if that dream ever becomes a reality then I will be at the dealership. Heck, even the test drive should be pretty easy! Now if they will only decide to include this option on cool cars like a Mustang instead of just a Prius I will be set!