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The Return of Big Johnson

I'm not sure if I am happy or sad about Chad (the artist formerly known as Ochocinco) Johnson changing his name back. When the news broke I was prepared. He had warned many of us that the moniker change would take place because of his nuptials and his new wifey not being excited about being Mrs. Ochocinco.

The nerve of some people! Why not proudly be Mrs. Ochocinco? Everyone knows exactly who you are. Let's face it, Mrs. Johnson is rather boring in comparison.

I guess some respect is due to Chad for taking his relationship seriously enough that he was willing to change back from his rather awesome name (whipped already?) to his rather tame name. But then again, maybe he can now take Johnson to a whole new level! All he has to do his legally change his first name to 'Big'!

Okay, that probably won't happen, but damn would it be cool if it did? Can you imagine the laughs he would get during introductions?

"...and now, number eighty-five, Biiiiiiiiiiiiigggg Johnnnnnsonnnnnnnnn!"

He could easily set himself up for an endorsement deal with the Big Johnson T-Shirt maker. Also I am sure some porn site would be all over that idea as well.

On a serious note I think I am glad he has changed his name back. Let's be honest, as an NFL receiver he did his best work as a Johnson. His Ochocinco seasons were rather forgettable. Maybe he will get some of his mojo back with his old name. Perhaps with his new team and wife this will be a turn-around year for Chad. Maybe, and just maybe, I will spend a late round draft choice on Big Johnson and see if he can still create some of that old fantasy magic for me.

In the very least it has been enjoyable watching people try and adjusts news to match-up with his new name on Google. You either get current Chad or Chad from years ago when he was sporting that awful blonde Mohawk. But at least for now we can still remember that silly prankster when looking at his tweets from @ochocinco. Hopefully that will stay the same.