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The Real Big Baby in Orlando

By now everyone is probably about as tired of hearing about Dwight Howard as they were listening to stories about Brett Farve. It gets to a point where the story is just oversaturated. Is this going to happen, is that going to happen; does anyone care anymore? Or, are you all getting to the point where we just hope a trade will happen so we don't have to listen to it anymore?

No worries, we aren't going to focus on that side of the story. Instead we are going to delve (rip) into the other side of things which doesn't get enough press in my opinion; Dwight Howard is a gigantic baby throwing a tantrum.

When 'Big Baby' Glen Davis was traded from Boston to Orlando I am sure people hoped that the 'Superman' persona of Dwight would rub off on him. But instead the exact opposite happened.

How can you call yourself 'Superman' when you don't act super in any way?

This disrespectful attitude these so called 'stars' have has to stop. You sign a contract to play for millions of dollars and then you decide you don't want to live up to the terms of the contract. Funny, when I tried to tell my bank that I wanted to restructure my contract or trade my house for another one they didn't let me do it. But apparently these overblown egos in sports don't think things have to work that way.

So what can we do? Boycott these big babies! These people need to understand that even though an owner of a professional sports team signs big checks for players he only does it because he thinks that person can put fans in the seats and sell merchandise. If people started boycotting teams because they pander to players' demands then it would send a message.

Fine Dwight, you don't want to be in Orlando and want to be traded now? Have fun sitting your ass down on the end of the bench the entire season. You are going to flash that big smile and talk about 'building your brand' and how you didn't want this kind of stuff to happen? That franchise built a team around your strengths and weaknesses and the fans always supported you. But then you get the coach and the GM fired before you plan on walking out the door.

The true superstars in the league make the team around them better; they will their team to victory and put a franchise on their shoulders. All of the greats have done it over the years. They play the game for the love of the game and also for the fans because they realize without us there for support and to cheer them on then nobody would pay them a penny to throw a ball into a basket.

Of course it will never happen. Howard will get traded somewhere and the fans will embrace him because they want to win. He will be elected to another All-Star game and get his endorsements.

But wouldn't it be great if he didn't? Maybe that would send a message about how the fans feel about all this Dwightmare.