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The Oscars Review - Manwall Style The Oscar The Oscars Review - Manwall Style s Review - Manwall Style

Did you watch the Oscars? Was every minute agonizing as you hoped and prayed that your picks would win the coveted golden statue guy and be able to step on-stage to deliver a tearful 15 minute speech thanking everyone in the freaking world?

More than likely you were napping on the couch while your wife watched it or were busy doing something (anything) else. The only way the Oscars would be interesting is if you made it into some weird drinking game or had a betting pool on the winners; heck maybe combine both those ideas. Hold the phone! I think we just brainstormed an idea for Manwall's next Oscars party in 2013!

But if you did miss the show and want to get caught up with some more useless information you can use for small talk with clients, women, or that weird lady who does your dry cleaning - we got your back.

Best Picture - Winner: The Artist

Hard to say much here since most of us haven't seen any of these damn movies except Moneyball; but obviously there was no chance in hell that movie would win because it was fun to watch. I think there was a Clooney movie in there but it was kind of a chick flick so we never saw it.

Best Actor - Winner: Jean Dujardin

Hey it's that guy from the Actor! He did rock the classic slicked hair and thin moutache look so props to him. Obviously we were all pulling for Brad Pitt or George Clooney because those guys are both hella cool. Gary Oldman would have been acceptable because he is a sweet actor and was awesome in the recent Batman Dark Knight movies.

Best Actress - Winner: Meryl Streep

Okay can't throw stones because she is so damn well known and has done some funny shit in the past. But, with that being said Rooney Mara was so hot and kick-ass in the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo that we were pulling for her hard.

Supporting Actor - Winner: Christopher Plummer

Love that dude. He has done a lot of cool shit over the years! Nick Nolte is a guy who we wanted to hear give an acceptance speech and the whole comedy-stoner group was sad when Jonah Hill didn't win (but even with the weight loss he had no chance).

Supporting Actress - Winner: Octavia Spencer

Yeah we didn't see any of these movies except Bridesmaids and we know she had no chance. Cool that she got a nomination though right?

Best Director - Winner: Michel Hazanavicius

Okay seriously, we get it. Apparently we need to see the fucking Artist. Stop shoving it down our throats on how amazing the movie was. Cripes...hello Netflix....

Costume...Music Score...What a surprise The Artist again!

A bunch of other awards nobody keeps track of go to Hugo...
Final Thoughts

Damn Angelina Jolie almost had a wardrobe malfunction! Billy Crystal is still pretty funny. Watching the Oscars without drinking a lot is not very fun; even when getting paid to write an article about it.