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The Official Drinking Game of the Little League World Series

This year marks the 66th annual Little League World Series. It also marks the 66th year this event has been taken way to seriously. Don’t get me wrong; when you’re a kid and a father, Little League is awesome but why has this tournament blown up so much in recent years? Every time I turn on ESPN I’m seeing more and more Little League stats and updates that I’m starting to think they got rid of the MLB. Maybe I’m still pissed off that my team didn’t make it to Williamsport, PA when I was a kid, but why does mid-August have to be taken over by Little Leaguers?

As much as I think it's bullshit that some of these kids make it on ESPN’s Top 10 – I’m just as guilty for watching them play on TV. I don't know why but for some reason me, my friends and most of America love seeing these kids duke it out on the baseball field. So I thought it would be a great idea to come up with a  drinking game to make this year's World Series a lot more exciting to watch. After all, Little League is all about having fun, isn’t it?

The Official Drinking Game of the Little League World Series:

1) Drink if someone gets hit by a pitch. If they don’t cry after they were hit, drink double.

2) Drink for every pitch that is thrown over 60 mph.

3) Drink if the announcers talk about a player’s family.

4) If a player makes an error, drink. Also drink for every run that is scored because of that error.

5) If a player looks overly upset after an error, drink double.

6) Drink if an announcer says a coach has also competed in a Little League World Series. If a coach is a Little League World Series Champion, finish your drink.

7) Drink if a coach doesn’t look pissed off after an error.

8) Drink every time the catcher, a teammate or the coach walks to the mound and asks the pitcher a question that has a blatantly obvious answer.

9) When an announcer calls a player a “prodigy,” talks about how good he is for his age, or compares a Little Leaguer to an MLB player, drink.

10) Drink whenever someone mentions Williamsport, PA or Howard J. Lamade Stadium.

11) Drink for each unnecessary stat that they show when a player’s up at bat. Ex: His favorite ice cream is Rocky Road!

12) If a Little Leaguer says his favorite player is Derek Jeter, drink. If one kid mentions two or more Yankees, drink for each person.

13) If a player looks at the ball for more than 3 seconds after the homerun, drink. Also, drink for every kid that runs after the homerun ball.

14) Drink double if someone hits a homerun. If it’s a walk-off homer don’t stop drinking until he rounds all the bases.

15) Drink if you see an Asian holding a sign. Drink double if you can understand that sign.

16) Drink if you hear a fan cheer right before a pitch. Drink double if an announcer talks about a group of fans traveling “all the way from home” to see the Little League World Series.

17) Drink if a player waves to his parents in the stands.

18) Drink when an announcer mentions a player’s “nickname.” If his “nickname” is mentioned more than once in the same sentence, drink double.

19) If a team attempts to make a double play and they still get credit for trying, drink. Drink double if they actually make a double play.

20) Drink if a player has too much eye black under his eyes.

21) Drink every time an announcer talks about a player’s height. If a Little Leaguer is over 6’0, drink double.

22) If there are rumors about a player being too old to play in Little League, drink double. Finish your drink if they mention anything about steroids.

23) Drink if a team makes a correct appeal, like this.

24) Drink if a player makes a bad slide into a base. 

25) If someone tries to steal a base drink and don’t stop drinking until the ball is securely in a player’s hand (this happens a lot more than you think). If a kid gets caught stealing a base, finish your drink.

26) Drink if a coach hugs a player. Drink double if a coach slaps a player’s ass and then make fun of him.

27) If you see a coach tell the team how many outs there are, drink. Drink double if you see a player tell his teammates how many outs there are by using his fingers.

28) Drink every time a player throws a baseball mitt or hat in the air after they win a game, finish your drink if it’s the championship game.

29) If you see a player purposely not shake an opponents hand after the game, drink.

30) Drink for every teammate that cries after they loose a game. If it’s the championship game, chug your beer or take a shot.