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The Official Drinking Game of Madden 13

Who doesn't love a good drinking game? After our brilliant Madden Rules, the Manwall staff decided that a drinking game was also needed for Madden 13. Sure we were already pretty toasty and chomping at the bit to play some serious video football but we channeled that energy into this fantastic idea!

Ideally you are playing this game in a team format. Teams can be any size; the more the merrier! You can play this game one-on-one as well but really two dudes sitting around getting hammered is kind of pathetic so instead pick up the phone and call some Bro's!

Team Selection

The two starting players are team captains. To select teams the captains will choose from the available pool of people in classic grade-school style except since this involves video games and drinking athletic prowess is almost completely worthless. The captains will do a best-of-five Ro-Sham-Bo to see who picks first using only the classic rock-paper-scissor options (no cheating grenades Ted!). Any extra person is automatically allotted to the team that chose second because we don't like to leave anyone out.

Team Rules

All team members will drink when required. However at any dead ball situation the person currently in control of the team (captain) can pass the controller to another member of the team. Before he (or she) does this they must shout out, "Oh captain my captain!" Failure to do this requires that the entire team must drink (if the other team notices and calls you on it before the next play starts). The new captain is now in charge of the ship.

Anyone who has been captain is not eligible to become captain again so pass that torch carefully. If you try to pull shenanigans and slip and old captain back into the game and the other team notices before a play has started then your team has to finish whatever is in their collective glasses. To cry foul on the other team for slipping in a captain a second time you must shout out, "Captain Stubing on Deck!" in ode to the eternal awesomeness of Gavin MacLeod and the Love Boat because that dude had a sweet ass job. If they do not make the call then you have pulled a Captain Stubing and at the end of the play you can pause the game and shout out, "Stubing!" and the other team must finish whatever is in their glasses.

When to Drink

Here is a list of times people have to drink during the game. When you score they drink, when they score you drink. The same thing goes for defensive actions as well. If they sack you then you drink, if you return a punt for a TD they drink.

- Touchdown - 7 drinks

- Field Goal - 3 drinks

- Punt/Kick Return Touchdown - 9 drinks

- Safety - 2 drinks

- Sack - 1 drink

- Interception - 2 drinks

- Fumble Recovery - 2 drinks

- Blocked Kick - 2 drinks

Everyone Drinks!
This is a drinking game so of course you can expect to have a lot of drinking going on. These are the times everyone must drink.

- After teams are selected - good sportsmanship toast

- Before the kickoff - good luck toast

- Before halftime - the pre-bathroom break toast

- Before second half kickoff - the 'now we are going to kick your ass' toast

Happy Madden 13 everyone!