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The Murtaugh List


In the immortal words of Roger Murtaugh in Lethal Weapon, "I'm too old for this shit". From this basic concept the writers for How I Met Your Mother inspired the idea of the Murtaugh list, or shit you are too old to do. This idea came up a few years ago but just watching a re-run of the episode reminded me how good the concept really is.

Effectively it seems to be that 30 is the age when you need to start your own Murtaugh list. It makes sense as your body is getting older and generally you have more responsibilities that prevents you from being as crazy as you used to be. But also adding things to the list is a reminder that we are growing up.

Here is the Original Murtaugh List:

·       Pulling an all-nighter

·       Getting your ear pierced

·       Hanging Posters without Frames

·       Crash on a friend's futon/couch instead of a hotel

·       Eat an entire pizza at one sitting

·       Do laundry at mom's house

·       Put off going to the doctor

·       Drinking shots with strangers

·       Leave an annoying two person message on your answering machine

·       Help someone move out of a sixth floor walkup in exchange for pizza and beer

·       Beer bong

·       Going to a rave

So honestly being over 30 I agree with most of these. I still pull the occasional all-nighter. I have friends that do laundry at their mom's house. Being a guy I always put off going to the doctor. But other than that, the list is pretty tight. So then some of the boys here at Manwall and I added our own things to the list.

Murtaugh Additions:

·       Driving around listening to rap with the windows down and the bass up

·       Playing a video game from Friday night to Monday morning without stepping outside

·       Eating at a buffet unless you are on vacation and it is included with the room

·       Using text speak all the time "I C U 2, meet l8r?"

·       Getting in a bar fight

·       Hitting on girls 10 years or more younger than you

·       Shoping at American Eagle Outfitters

·       Spend more than an hour a day on Facebook

·       Get any sort of piercing near my junk

·       Driving 12 hours straight....get a flight

·       Get blind drunk every Friday and Saturday (every other is acceptable)

So Manwall readers, what are you too old to do?