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The Making of Psycho

Now usually it takes a pretty good premise for guys to watch a documentary styled film if it doesn't concern sports. The upcoming movie, Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho already seemed semi-interesting because it is a classic. Plus news had been put out that Sir Anthony Hopkins was going to be playing Alfred himself.

Now Hopkins is one of those great actors who you love to watch. Then to make the pot sweeter, Scarlett Johansson is slated to play Janet Leigh (the screamer in the shower). But if it was even possible they decided to add another great reason to see this movie in Jessica Biel. It was just reported that she will be playing Vera Miles who was an actress from the horror movie, Read on! That's right, two of Manwall's favorite hot ladies together. Woooo!

So now we have a knighted actor and two of the hottest starlets in Hollywood put together for this piece. To say all of us here at Manwall are intrigued is a slight understatement.

Hot ladies exist in the world all around us. But it is very rare to combine two hot ladies of this caliber in a film outside of porn. As an added bonus, because the movie should have some substance we can easily pass this off for a great date movie or something to watch with our girlfriends/wives. Sure they know we are going to ogle Biel and ScarJo, but it's not like the movie is set to be a pure T&A film right?

It will be awhile before this movie gets underway. Of course during that time we can only hope that more hot ladies are added to the mix. Sure, there will be an older style utilized for costumes but that won't make us drool any less. A fine woman can be fine under so many circumstances that we can't even count that high.

I really can't wait to see the filming of that shower scene...ScarJo...shower