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The Legend of Keith Apicary Continues

When doing our daily diligence of searching for funny video clips to share with our Bro's, we ran across this gem. Keith Apicary shows up at a Kimberly Cole video audition to try out. Now we must warn you, the first few seconds of this video are slow.

But man, at the 1 minute mark this bad boy cranks it up into one of the funny video clips we all know and love. You need to check this out.

After watching the movie a few times we did some more work and found out that Keith Apicary is actually just a character. Comedian Nathan J. Barnatt has a slew of weird guys he has created to be funny and hide the fact that Nathan is actually in great shape and quite an athlete and dancer.

We enjoyed him so much that we actually "Liked" him on Facebook. He has done over 200 videos on YouTube and some of the stuff is just hilarious. Obviously when trying to make funny video clips you end up with a few fat smelly piles of crap, but every once in awhile he spits out a gem like this dance video.

Manwall would like to salute you Nathan Barnatt for your creation of Keith Apicary. Well done sir, well done.