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The Kim Kardashian Experience

Sometimes I think Kris Humphries was lucky to get divorced so quickly. He went from being a brief joke to a force on the courts again. Sure, he doesn't have a chance to sleep with Kim anymore (of course it seems like that train has been ridden more often than a commuter express) but he also doesn't have to deal with the high-maintenance.

Kim Kardashian just tweeted a topless photo (but tastefully covered nips) Tuesday morning stating she couldn't sleep. Since she obviously had her hair and makeup done we will guess it was the noise and attention that prevented her from falling asleep. Maybe it was all the airbrushing time she spent on the photo? Not that we are complaining as we always like sexy photos. But come on; did you try counting sheep?

No more than likely this is just another one of her sexy photos being used to draw attention to her new lingerie line. Fine, we here at Manwall will do our part and mention her lingerie line. But we won't show pictures of her sister Khloe. No, even for a story there is a limit to how far we shall go. However we must mention, if you are going to tweet sexy photos, you need more than one! Don't be such a tease woman.

We can't make her model each piece of her lingerie line. Instead we shall just provide a nice photo gallery in response to our appreciation of her figure. She is pretty damn hot and these are some very sexy photos. But marry or date her? Waaaaaaaay to high maintenance for any of us around here at the Manwall office. But good luck to whomever she latches onto next!