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The iPhone 5 - Will You Need It?

Okay so details are starting to come out about the upcoming iPhone 5. Obviously there are plenty of people that just buy anything Apple releases because 1) they want to seem cooler than everyone else and 2) they can afford it. But for those of us without tons of excess cash to spend on a hot new phone every year have to constantly ask the question, is it worth it?

More than likely yes if you have an older phone because cool new gadgets are totally the tits. Side note: 'the tits' is an older expression that is similar to awesome and highly underused so I am attempting to bring it back. So let's look at what Apple is considering for the new iPhone 5 and see how badass this little gizmo looks to really be.


This is a big one to me because I like Verizon's coverage. But so far, Apple hasn't peeped about who gets to carry the phone. Maybe it will be T-Mobile only to begin with and then opened up to Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint at a later date. However with all the competition I get the feeling Apple is close to just cutting out the middleman and releasing their phone from Apple stores that is compatible with more than one carrier. It makes the most business sense as more people will buy it.

Screen Size and Phone Size

Currently the iPhone sports a 3.5 inch screen which is decent. But the Android pimps either a 4 or 4.5 inch screen depending on model. As that is their top competitor and bigger is better there is a rumor that the screen will get a bit longer to add another row of icons or free screen space; a good call in my opinion. The phone should also be a bit thinner and lighter to compete with other phones but that also means less room for a connector might affect use of current peripherals (or at least make us have to buy an adaptor cord).


Of course there will be a faster processor along with at least another gig of RAM. Honestly I don't think this means as much anymore. Just like laptops or a PC, the faster processor and extra RAM is typically only useful in handling the newer operating system. The iPhone should be using the LTE data connections like the iPad so we can expect speed in that regard. More than likely the batter life will be the same because even with a more efficient battery, the newer processor and larger screen will drain faster thus negating any bonuses.


I would say if you have an older phone and really want something sexy then the new iPhone 5 will knock your socks off. The existing apps are fairly cool and the capabilities of the phone (current and new) are really great. But if you don't have the money then don't worry about it. A phone doesn't make you a better person, it just makes you more efficient sometimes and a huge slacker when playing Angry Birds all afternoon in your cubicle. For those already with a nice iPhone 4 the newer model will probably not do much for you as your phone is already pretty legit.