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The Erin Andrews Scare

A multitude of reports had been going around that Erin Andrews, the super hot sideline reporter for ESPN, was dating Chance Crawford (great name). But Erin told a local SI reporter that it just wasn't true. Whew!

Why is this a big deal? Because Erin Andrews is hot and fun to watch on ESPN, Dancing with the Stars, or anywhere else she is. Honestly girls who are dating or married tend to lose just a little bit on the hotness scale. It isn't that her looks have changed, but knowing someone is single gives that extra bit of "you never know" to the equation.

So in honor of her continued single-ness (until she agrees to go on a date with me and I sweep her off her feet) we decided to include a nice gallery of some of our favorite Erin Andrews pictures. The woman has style, grace, beauty, incredible sports knowledge, a great sense of humor, and really everything most men are looking for in a girl. Is it any wonder I have this huge crush on her (along with like a million other guys).

Gentlemen, enjoy!