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The Downside of Facebook

For the most part I love Facebook. It is a great way to get regular information streams on things I like as well as keep in touch with family and friends that I am just too lazy to call. Honestly I love my aunt but we don't have that much to talk about so Facebook is a great way for us both to stay connected. But lately it sure seems like people are making this giant social network seem like it is a reflection of who we are.

Employers will Google potential employees as well as try to check out their page on Facebook. What the hell is up with that? You want references then ask for them and call those people. Most everyone on my Facebook has no inkling of how awesome I am at work. They only know my awesomeness from social situations. Sure I get that you want to see if a person has bad qualities about them, but just learn how to interview better. Plus, how do you justify not hiring someone after snooping them? "Sorry Jim, but we decided to go another direction because we saw a photo you were tagged in at that strip bar when you were humping the transvestite. That isn't the type of person we want with our company."

Aside from being an invasion of privacy (unless you are an idiot like me and just leave your page open), your Facebook profile is not all that you are.

From online dating I have found that women will quickly search and check you out (sometimes with their friends). I guess it makes sense to see if you are a creep but at the same time, that is a little creepy. What happened to just talking to someone?

Now Debt Collectors and Legal Firms are investigating people including their Facebook accounts. Yes, you do have some rights but not that many. Remember that "agreement" you signed when you created your account? It won't protect you from what people are able to find by snooping you or your contacts and friends.

So what's the bottom line? As always with things that can live forever (most things on the net) you need to really consider what you are doing before you type. Just like getting drunk and then thinking that texting your ex-girlfriend is smart...often times it isn't. Also you should probably hide your profile from prying eyes to protect yourself as much as possible. If you are job hunting, deleting some of the racier stuff could be smart as well; just in case. With the new 'groups' option you can (and should) really segregate your friends a bit to make sure that your Bro's see one thing while your family sees another.

Really once it is posted to the net it can stay there forever. In the case of epic moments this is always fine, but for embarrassing stuff you don't want it to bite you in the ass later.

"If everything you know about someone comes from reading their Facebook page, you're doing it wrong."                     ~Brotip #816