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The Do's and Don'ts of Texting

I was recently reading Dori's Shiny Blog (I swear an intern told me about it). The article was about this lame dude who went out on a nice date with a girl and then proceeded to blow up her phone with texts that night and into the morning. He started at reasonable, then moved to crazy, and finally to a stalker-lite. Needless to say when she woke up and turned her phone on, he was not going to get another chance to turn her on. You can see all of the senseless texting here.


After reading this blog and talking about it with my intern (okay fine, I read the blog because she is hot and I was pandering to her) we decided maybe the loyal Manwall readers could use a few Do's and Don'ts about texting. It is becoming a texting world but sometimes you need to be reminded that you can still be suave instead of a douche bag.


Texting Do's

  • Always wait a minute - Or sometimes two or three. This goes for tweets too. Make sure you are calm, cool, and collected and have thought about what you are actually going to say.

  • Always read before you send - Autocorrect can be a real bitch sometimes. Also thumb fumbles do happen. Avoid embarrassment or looking like you didn't pass the 3rd grade by giving your text a cursory read.

  • Make sure to return texts - This is just simple manners. Just like a phone call or an email, a text deserves some sort of response even if it is, "I'll call you later." Sure we know you aren't going to call her later but later is subjective right?

  • Do remember your manners - Please and thank you aren't just for letters. If you are still paying by the word it's time to upgrade your plan rather than being a lout.


Texting Don'ts

  • Skip the shorthand - What are you, a twelve year old girl? Bypass all of the omg, lol, wat, ICU, and other miscellaneous crap that makes me feel stupider for including in this article. We are men. We write straightforward messages. If it is two long either shorten it or send a second message.

  • Don't Text Angry - It is better to put your phone in your pocket then send an angry text. Keep in mind this isn't like a phone call. The person on the other hand has precise proof of what you said. There is no going back from calling a girl a bitch when she has that text message forever.

  • Save the Emoticons for your girlfriend - I swear to God if one of my guy friends ever sends me a happy or winky face I will slap the hell out of him and take his Man Card.

  • Don't Ignore people you are with to text - You get a pass if it is your wife, your mom (really mom texts?), or a hot chick you are trying to hook-up with. But even then it better only be one or two texts at the most. Any more than that makes you a douche bag for ignoring the people you are with.