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The De-evolution of Man

It has become a freaking epidemic. Everywhere I look I see men slowly devolving. I use the term men but sometimes I think of them as boys.

Let's be fair, I am closer to 40 than 30. Luckily none of these miscreants could ever be my own offspring and therefore aren't my problem; and yet they are.

There is a responsibility of all men to pass on to our brethren that which we can to make them better. What do I want to pass on to the current crop of twenty-somethings? Well, for most of them I want to give them a nice hard slap upside the head.

Yup, I said it. A lot of this current generation (what are we up to, Z?) need a good kick in the ass. Apparently their parents coddled them far too much during the development phase and now we have a bunch of lazy ass boys who feel entitled to more in life and complain when they don't get it.

Obviously this rant is not targeting everyone; but there a whole lot of dudes out there just skating by right now and it is pretty damn pathetic.

The breakdown in our society is easily traceable and completely our own fault. My grandfather was a complete hard ass. He grew up in the Depression and knew what it was like to really have a threadbare life. The old guy worked his ass off and did pretty well. But, he in turn was a hard ass to my dad. Of course like many parents in the same situation he copied his dad's parenting style.

But then something happened with the people just a bit older than me; they rebelled and started giving their kids things they never had as well as going easy on them. For some reason they figured coddling their kids would be better for them. Ideas like getting a trophy just for trying was invented because everyone is a winner!

...and now we are surrounded by a bunch of losers.

These dudes are so used to mommy and daddy taking care of everything and not pushing them that they never learned how to challenge themselves or deal with adversity. You have a bunch of out-of-work slacking douche bags sitting around coffee shops doing nothing all day. Then they go home to mom's basement and play video games all night.

Yes, it does sound pretty sweet. I would love to have that slack-tastic lifestyle. In fact, when I retire you can bet your ass I will be getting plowed on the weekends and gaming all night.

But real men can't always do that. Yes, we get to play. In fact we have a lot of cool big boy toys and go on sweet adventures. We have earned these things from our hard work and dedication. But this next generation needs to get a swift kick in the ass because they are not poised to follow the manly road of their predecessors.

So when you see a douche bag, do your duty and slap a little sense into him. Even if he doesn't get it right away, it sure as hell will make you feel better.