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The Church of Bro

Okay so I have been going to church lately. Maybe I was there because of a girl, maybe I wasn't... Okay, so I totally was. She asked me to go and being a sap I obviously went along for the ride in an effort to get closer with her for the possibility of dating and hooking-up.

Don't judge me; she was hot enough that you would do the same...

 But something happened while I was sitting in the service. No I did not find Jesus. No I did not pop a boner (just a semi). But I did realize that church, or at least the one I was in, was a pretty cool place to hang out on a Sunday morning.

Now I'm not going to get all preachy or bash the ideology of church. Honestly I'm not very religious. However I found that I actually enjoyed myself in Church. A lot of what I experienced I feel the need to relate, but since we have a male dominated audience I feel that my words should be converted to a more Bro-tastic nature. So with that I present:

The Church of Bro

These are the things I learned at Church that relate to how life should work...

Be Accepting - The pastor was very nice in welcoming everyone to listen to his sermon and understood that people aren't always ready to hear what he has to say. But everyone was still positive and accepting nonetheless. This is a rather amazing experience to have about 400 random people smile honestly and accept you with handshakes and hugs just because you showed up. Treat people in your life this way and you can't go wrong.

Be Joyful - This was rather amazing to me that so many people are just so happy when they are there. It's like their troubles all just melt away once they came inside the church. I thought of it like a really good sports game when the whole crowd is positive together and there is just a great vibe in the room that everyone then feeds off of. Being happy and positive has a domino effect on the people around you so remember; 99% of the time you are awesome and share that with the world.

Be Friendly - Complete strangers introduced themselves to me, shook my hand, and even hugged me before and after the sermon. There was no reason for it as the girl I was with didn't know them either. It was just people being friendly. You know what? That is awesome! Try and be outgoing and friendly like that to people you meet. It is amazing the effect it has. Plus when you are like that to everyone then you have already gotten past the physical touch and introduction phase of meeting girls (booyah!).

Give Back - Yup that collection plate came around. I had no obligation to toss money in but I did because they helped out in the community. I even signed up to assist at a weekend program for painting someone's house I didn't know (and it had nothing to do with the girl). Why? Because giving back to people feels great. Yeah I don't give money to homeless people, but helping out the community is a nice thing to do.

Overall it was an interesting experience. I imagine not all churches are the same. This one happened to be a Baptist church that was fairly easy going. But if you have the chance I recommend swinging by someplace of worship and checking it out. Don't think of it as religion but instead as more of a philosophy different people follow. While I might not agree to a "T" with the ideology, I have to admit that some of the philosophy that is used has had a very positive effect on my life and interactions with others.

Since that girl dropped me to date the lead singer of the churches rock group I don't know that I will be back. But what I learned was well worth the time I spent there even if I never got past second base with that hottie.