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The CATE App

Has this ever happened to you? Your girlfriend or wife, who is overly jealous, sees a text from another girl and goes ballistic. Maybe it becomes a fight or perhaps she even chops your balls off...of course either option sucks and there wasn't much to do about it other than password protecting your device... which looks even more shady than the text in the first place.

There wasn't much to do other than cut yourself off from all female  least until now...

Last week I was watching an old episode of Shark Tank where they had the CATE App. CATE stands for Call-And-Text-Eraser. The guy who developed the app initially targeted for dudes who might want to hide female attention from their current lady. While I don't personally condone the idea of cheating, the app itself is slick as hell and ever guy should have it for quite a few reasons. The sharks did a good job of repackaging the app a bit and finding other uses for it which makes it a must app to have on your phone.

Breaking Down CATE

·       Privacy Feature - The biggest selling point is privacy. When you set it up you can designate numbers as private and when the app is running if you get a call or text your phone won't visually register it or even show a missed call or message. That means no buzzing or ringing and the girl you are with asking, "Who's that?" Then later you can check your messages in private.

·       Shake Mode - Need to set your phone private really fast? It has a motion "Shake" option to turn it on which means you can do it easily and anywhere with one hand...kind of like masturbating.

·       Cleaner Mode - Like a good maid you can use CATE to clean up your messages and address book very easily. This is great for eliminating all traces of crazy ex-girlfriends as well!

·       Hidden Contacts - You have a separate setup for contacts you want to be discreet about. This isn't just about cheating...what about dating? Let's say you are going out with a few girls at a time, which is totally normal. Why have your date disturbed with Girl B because Girl A is blowing your phone up about your next meet-up? Girls know when you get a lot of messages and try and play it off with, "Oh it's just my buddy."

·       Pic Blocker - Hey it blocks picture messages too!

They are looking at future development to block other annoying things like telemarketers and other unknown numbers, but that phase is still in development.

The Morality Question

Should I really use an app that screams, "I'm a cheater"? Well if you are a cheater, then yes. If you have a mistress, then yes. If you date a lot, then yes. Hell, if you have an overly jealous partner that you want to stay with and yet still have some female friends, then yes.

That last reason is pretty prime for a lot of guys. Girls are pretty darn jealous of other girls and can never fathom the idea of a dude having chick friends. In some cases we are keeping a line out there with other girls, just in case. Other times they are actually friends. But no matter why, it sucks when your girl throws a fit over that connection and starts fights or closes her Tunnel of Love so you don't get to take a ride no matter how many tickets you buy. That is why a smooth app like CATE makes sense. As Neal Desai said, if Tiger had this app, he might still be married.