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The Best Funny Video Clips of the Week!

Days like this are when you really need funny video clips. People do dumb things like that jack-hole in Colorado who thought he was playing Bane in a real world version of Batman. It is so senseless that you don't even know what to say. When things like that happen you just want to turn off the news and escape. So here we go with some funny video clips to take your mind off of things and hopefully let you laugh a bit.


I miss Jerermy Lin (a bit out of tune) already. He was that guy NY used to know.


Sox and Cubbies - It is time for the Final Showdown.


The Gentlemen's Rebuttal on Justin Bieber. Who doesn't like a little Bieber bashing?


Yeah, I think Nash was made to play in Los Angeles. He has the film bug already.


We close strong this week with Unnecessary Cenorship!