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The Ambiguously Gay DC Hero

Welcome to the new DC Comics World - one with an openly gay superhero. Yeah this really isn't Earth shaking news. Maybe 10 years ago, but nowadays having a hero be gay is not that big of a deal. Heck we already have had Ace and Gary tearing it up on SNL being gay as all get out.

So why is this news?

Because rumor has it that DC is going to have an existing character jump out of the closet. Well now that is a little bit interesting!

The gay issue has been done a bit between different comics over the past few years with openly gay newer characters in X-Factor, Young Avengers, and the Teen Titans. But taking a classic character and having them come out should be much more intriguing!

So who do you think it will be? Right now the front runners are Robin (obviously), Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Booster Gold, and Green Arrow. Now if DC goes with a combo set then our money is on Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, but they are villains.

Let's break it down:

·       Robin - Yeah young boy with a demanding, strong willed mentor/father figure who likes to run around in spandex. Lots of adrenaline rushes already going on and younger boys can easily be confused about sexuality.

·       Aquaman - Hard to get laid regularly when you spend most of your time underwater. Seriously how do you even have sex with a hot mermaid with that tail? Would it really be a big surprise to find out he was getting dirty with a sea-horse?

·       Wonder Woman - Let's see...strong willed Amazon chick who probably can only find one or two dudes on the planet who can keep up with her physically. Yeah, I can see her going to the lesbian side of things.

·       Booster Gold - Have you seen his costume? Of course he can't rock a cape because Superman told him he can't handle it. Seriously though this guy screams..."Fabulous"!

·       Green Arrow - Nothing really sticks out about Arrow except his name is Oliver Queen, he lives in Star City, wears a cute little cap with a feather in it, and that goatee. Nah, nothing gay about this character.

·       Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy - Both ladies are a bit nuts and have serious man issues; plus they are BFFs and spend a lot of time together. I mean, girls experiment in college right?

So who do you think is stepping out of the closet?