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The Adventures of Snooki's Box-ing

Step aside Don King. Move over Golden Boy promotions. There is a new game in town. That's right, in a completely serious moment; everyone at the Manwall offices were stunned to learn that Snooki is jumping into the fight game.

At first we assumed the story would be some sort of Celebrity Boxing deal where D-list stars put on oversized gloves and punch each other in the face. Of course here at Manwall we do love when chicks do that. But no, little Miss Nicole Polizzi continues to astound and amaze us as she works on developing a serious brand that now involves professional boxing.

Who knew the pint sized Jersey Shore girl actually has a brain behind all that self bronzer and hair product? Honestly we are all getting a little impressed by her business savvy. She has been doing photo shoots, launching product lines, and now is into sports entertainment.

Team Snooki Boxing has a stable of three Irish Brothers; Patrick Hyland, Eddie Hyland, and Paul Hyland. These boys all have solid records and titles to their name so this doesn't seem to be a publicity grab. This also marks the first Italian-Irish union in Jersey history.

Manwall would like to wish Snooki all the best in this endeavor as we love a good boxing match. Plus she is doing so much better than the rest of the Jersey Shore gang where you have Ronnie and Angelina wresting on TNA Impact and 'The Situation' getting mocked by comics when he is doing a Comedy Central Roast and is supposed to be a roaster.

Now if the rest of these "Reality TV" stars could follow her example and actually do something productive with the teeny bit of fame that they have for once.....never mind. Then we wouldn't have them to laugh at as they desperately try to stay relevant and in the news when really we only like to watch them as a source of real life comedy. Everyone loves a good train wreck right?