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The 70-Year Old Virgin

Yeah Steve Carell has nothing on Pam Shaw, the suddenly well known 70 year old virgin from the UK. Oddly Pam is a Cabaret singer and performs under the nickname 'The Sexational Pam'. I don't know, but that smacks a bit of false advertising or even fraud if she has never done the deed, at least to me.

Apparently she has had lots of offers from men but has never done anything more than kissing. She deftly avoided the advances of well known players like Tom Jones and Englebert Humperdinck while being part of the music circuit and was almost married; yet she is still a virgin.


I can't decide if this is just a publicity grab or not. Can we get some proof? Or would a gynecologist not even want to venture into that dusty old tomb? Why now? Why get an interview with The Sun, which is like the National Inquirer of the UK. Why the sudden need to find a man to knock the dust off those boots?

 She said she is waiting because she believes in waiting for marriage but never found Mr. Right and obviously never went for Mr. Right Now or Mr. I Drank Too Much One Lonely night.

This fast moving story certainly seems like it will quickly become some cheesy reality TV show at least over in the UK. They already have so many crappy shows about dating like the Bachelor that you assume some knob in the UK will think a dating show around a 70-year old virgin is a marvelously smashing idea. I can almost picture the Austin Powers styled host rolling out the geriatric bunch as the attempt to wow Pam with their smooth moves using a walker.

This proves yet again that just when you think that you have seen it all, you haven't. Sexational Pam is really Virgational Pam and this Cabaret Kitten is on the prowl (or at least a sow crawl). I'm sure guys at the old folks home are licking their lips (because their teeth are in a nearby glass) with anticipation of popping some Viagra and taking their shot.