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The 2012 Summer Olympic Drinking Game

The anticipation has been slowly building. Soon all eyes will turn to London as the 2012 Summer Olympics kick off! Sure, we all have a natural level of patriotism which means we will root for the old red, white, and blue in every single event. But also, in true American fashion, we shall devise a way to ensure we get shit-faced in the process.

So, without further ado, I present the Official Manwall 2012 Summer Olympics Drinking Game!

Warning: Consuming too much alcohol could kill you or cause something dangerous to happen. We here at Manwall do not endorse you drinking so much that you kill yourselves. However if something truly epic happens please make sure to record it and upload it to the site.

Summer Olympics Drinking Rules

Don't use shots. We recommend beer or light strength mixed drinks.


Everyone take a swig when any of the following happen:

  1. They mention 'Fish n Chips' in any manner.
  2. A picture of the skyline is shown that includes either Big Ben or the London Eye.
  3. They mention the Queen of England (and before you drink you MUST shout, "God Save the Queen!" or drink twice).
  4. When they show the 'medal count' graphic.
  5. Whenever they mention a sport you have never heard of (or don't know the basic rules for).
  6. Whenever they mention a country and you cannot name the continent it is on.
  7. They say London.
  8. They cut to any picture of those guards in red uniforms with the big black fuzzy hats.
  9. Anytime you see Michael Phelps in a commercial.
  10. Whenever Bob Costas say, "He/she has prepared their whole lives for this one moment."
  11. Any reference to the Kardashians.
  12. When any announcer says, "This is what the Olympics are all about".

Take 2 drinks when:

  1. They have the medal ceremony.
  2. When anyone getting a medal cries during the ceremony.
  3. If the announcer says, "This is truly a special moment!"
  4. If they show the Olympic torch burning.

Chug your drink when:

  1. The U.S. gets a gold medal.
  2. They play the wrong national anthem during the medal ceremony.