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Tennis Plus Model Equals OMG Sexy Video

Okay honestly who reading this has not watched a good women's tennis match before just for the short skirts and grunts? I think we can all agree that Anna Kournikova and Maria Sharapova are both exquisite examples of why watching women's tennis is an acceptable pastime.

With those toned bodies and all that grunting it really is a bit like a porno. The only downside is the constant chair announcer saying, "Fault" all the time. It's like your mom knocking on the bathroom door when you were a kid and you know.

So today we came across this delightful example of basically one of our dreams; a sexy video of a model playing tennis in her underwear.

Really? Can life get any better? Bar Refaeli is pretty damn hot and now that she is modeling for and we couldn't be happier. Well I guess if I was on the other side of the net from I would be a little happier....but that is about as likely to happen as my boss sending me out to lunch with the corporate credit card (that would be 0%).

But at least I can keep watching this sexy video over and over today (and a few times tonight).

You should definitely sit down for this: