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Tema Per Seks and other Hot Ladies on Facebook

I was doing some 'research' at work earlier today which involved checking out my Facebook account. My 'People You May Know' section had a guy who was friends with 6 of my friends so I figure he deserved a profile peek. When I hit his page the first thing I note is who is Number One on his friends - Tema Per Seks. Okay, it wasn't the name that caught my attention but instead was the picture of two blonde very hot ladies in low cut tanks that did the trick.

Boom! Off we click to Tema Per Seks for more research. Luckily my job actually does include researching pictures of hot ladies so technically speaking I was working diligently! It was at this point that my mind made an odd connection that Tema Per Seks sure sounds a lot like 'something and sex'. The sex angle would make sense because all of the pictures they have posted are all of really hot women wearing very few clothes. They seem to 'Like' girls such as Megan Fox and Angela Martini. Whoever runs this page has excellent taste!

So what is up with this 'as close to porn as I have ever seen on Facebook' page? Is it a matter of Facebook people not knowing how to speak Italian or Norwegian fluently so they have no idea about the topics? Loosely translated (thanks Google) Tema Per Seks either means 'Theme by Six' or 'Seks theme for'.

It was at this point that I realized I had completely missed the point. Who cares what language the damn site is in? All that really matters is that they have pictures of hot ladies posted right? It is much more important to Like Them, Friend Them, and then check out all of the pictures and such rather than play a weird sort of game called "Loosely Translated" to try and figure out what the hell people are saying.

At that point the clouds shifted and a ray of sunlight cascaded through the window to sun my cubicle. It was a sign from above. Waste not important time pondering; pictures of hot ladies are universal and can simply be appreciated no matter where they come from. I think I just created a new entry for the Manwall Commandments.