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Super Bowl Hangover

The game is over. The Giants won. Suck it Tom in HR and somebody tell me where that intern who bet me $50 bucks is because it is time to pay up sucker! But now what do we do? A whole week of game analysis and expectations followed by the build up for the commercials and epic Super Bowl party has left me flat the next day. I'm as blue as Wes Welker after dropping that 4th quarter pass (sorry Wes - but it's true).

What always brightens the mood around the Manwall offices (or at least my cubicle)? Funny Videos! Luckily the internet has a few gems which I wanted to share with you that really bring the whole Super Bowl experience to a close. Ladies and gentlemen I present the cre to the Super Bowl Hangover - my funny videos of the day!

Jimmy Fallon puts on a show better than the Half-time show:

(embed here :

Seriously the guy has a flipping Yeti onstage rocking out in this show. He sings, he dances, he has cheerleaders along with confetti; screw Madonna next year - I want Jimmy Fallon!!!

The Giants cut loose:

(embed here:

It's nice to see these guys cut loose and show how much they really enjoy winning. If I won a Super Bowl I'm sure I would be dancing and singing the whole flight home too.

Gronk tears it up:

(embed here:

Rob Gronkowski your team just lost the Super Bowl, what are you going to do? Get drunk and act like an ass onstage with LMFAO in our non-victory party baby! Gronk has some moves!

The Super Bowl recap - Taiwanese style:

(embed here:

If you have never witnessed these weird funny videos then you are missing out. It is a little strange but mostly spot on.


Honestly if after these 4 funny videos your mood is not improved then it is time to visit the rub n tug for a little relaxation and release because this stuff is funny and apparently you are not enjoying life very much.