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Stupendously Funny Videos of the Week

We looked high and we looked low to come up with these gems of the internet for you in this week's edition of the Stupendously Funny Videos of the Week. We have swearing, hot chicks, rants, bad situations, and awful driving all showcased in these funny videos.


We start with Jack Bryer just trying to order a hot dog. After he gets verbally abused he needs some back-up (bad language):


Now I am pretty sick of Call Me Maybe videos...but when the girls are this hot then I shall put up with the song:

Sometimes a gentleman just needs to rant about life:


Women drivers....this is why they have created cars that can park themselves:

Shake Weight Prank - classic:

and we conclude with a Diiiiiirty parody of Call Me Maybe:

We hope you enjoyed these funny videos of the week!