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Strippers Giving Back

What was originally a heartwarming story has now turned cold and bitter. Lennox Little League, in Lennox California, was dealing with a cash flow problem. The K-8 school district doubled their fees for renting fields and suddenly the League couldn't afford it. Plus they stopped allowing the league to sell hot dogs at the games. Bastards!

Strippers to the rescue!

The Jet Strip Gentleman's Club stepped right up and gave $1,200 to the league (all singles) and it was game time! The league thanked the community for helping out and we suddenly had a Bad News Bears-esq sponsor story to talk about and everything was hunky-dory.

Or was it?

But after the story broke there was a public outcry of something so awful as a strip club helping out the community that the league decided to make it rain at the club as they returned the funds. What a bunch of crap. The president of the league backtracked after he "found out where the check came from". Like he didn't know.

The league has over 300 kids in it on 40 teams. That is over 600 dads in the area. How many of those guys dropped at least $20 at the Jet? Let's just say if 20% did then you have $2400. Obviously the league president doesn't want to associate with a strip club, but beggars can't be choosers (or at least shouldn't in a down economy). 

But the Jet has always been there trying to help out with donations to the Lennox Coordinating Council which helps with pet issues, scholarships, and self-defense classes.

So why is stripper money dirty? It's not. Some people just get their shorts in a bunch because they don't want to associate with something that might be viewed negatively (even though we know those same people are there for the early bird specials of $20 topless dances). Hooters is sponsoring girls T-ball and softball for Pete's sake. How is a strip club supporting young men (and future clients) any worse?

Maybe they are just worried that drawing any attention to the Jet will also bring back attention on how many lap dances they got from Thalia or Chloe during the night shift. Whatever the case may be it is wrong. Strippers work hard and if a Gentleman's club wants to support Little League then they should be able to!