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Still Wearing Tighty Whities?

By now there should be no self-respecting man who walks this Earth that should still be wearing plain, boring white underwear. Why are these things even on the market? They have a coolness factor of -5 and honestly might even cause you not to get laid when a woman sees you in them. Why?

Because they are boring!

Plain underwear screams that you are not exciting, conservative, and a giant snooze fest. Want an example? Check out this great underwear video that Earl Bennet (wide receiver for Da Bears) just made:

Now does this guy look like he is living his life to the fullest? Hell yes it does! Is it all because of the underwear? Of course not. He is ballin because he gets paid millions of dollars a year to play a game. But the point is that he takes the time to make sure he looks great all the time. The ladies appreciate that.

If you buy this particular brand of underwear or others like it are you going to get laid? We are going to say no, but we will say there won't be any snickering behind your back or towards your front when you take off your pants because of your underwear.

The only way you can ever hope to rock tight, white underwear is if you are an underwear model with a sculpted, chiseled body. Because at that point when your shirt and pants come off there is not much worry that she really cares about your underwear except to add them to the pile of clothes on the ground.

So gentlemen, unless you are going commando (which we do not recommend) you need to take a few minutes and re-asses your underwear draw. What does it say about you? Wild man who always wants to look cool even if he is partying without his pants? Or boring high school math teacher who sits at home alone on Friday night watching porn.

You make the call.