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Steven Tyler - When enough is enough


Let's start by saying I love Aerosmith. I always have and I always will. By default I have a great deal of affection for Steven Tyler. He has fronted a great rock band for years. But (you knew there was a but) he really needs to take a long look n the mirror. For the National Anthem before the Patriots-Ravens game on Sunday Steven Tyler was singing and on display.

Okay he is a singer and a (shudder) judge on American Idol. But his voice isn't typically what you would call 'classic' in the sense that he should sing the National Anthem on a huge stage before a massive televised audience. Yes I know he is from Boston therefore he makes a decent choice for the job, but it was really rather sad. Sorry Steven, I have to say it - you are too old to be acting like this.

Yes, he can screech and croon with Aerosmith and I will gladly pay for it. But that is because you have Joe Perry's sweet guitar licks covering up some of the tone and tremor he has lost on his voice over the years. He really can't hit those high notes outside of the studio anymore and going acopella was a bad choice. On top of that, I hate to say it - grow up a little. You are a 60 year old man (as evident by the shock of white hair). Please trim your fingernails and take off the black polish. Heck, maybe even tone down the massively dyed quaff to something a little more normal?

The black leather coat, funky scarf, and rock star rings can all stay as you have earned them. But some of the other stuff makes you look a bit desperate to recapture your youth (hint: too much Botox or facial skin smoothing). Sometimes I just wish our heroes would grow old gracefully and not go kicking and screaming. This seems an especially hard thing for rock stars and athletes to let go on.

But Steven, (and anyone else out there) I am begging you to know when it is time to hang up the spandex tights and put your shirt on. You can still be the awesome front-man for Aerosmith who is cool and loves rock. But just do it gracefully. If you think I am being too harsh and missed it, you can check out the entire clip here and make your own judgment: Maybe I am Jaded and think Steven should stop Livin' on the Edge, but sometimes you have to Remember to Draw the Line and go gracefully.