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Star Wars 1313 goes Away from the Light

Hot news on the video game front: Star Wars 1313 is in production from LucasArts and this game is going to be a little different than before. Now, when we say away from the light we don't mean it is going to be a 'dark side' of the force game; they have been there and done that.

No, this game is slated to veer away from the "E" for everyone rating and target the "M" for mature audience. Sweet! Bring on the gratuitous violence!

The premise will be playing a bounty hunter in a 3rd person action style game where you will be hunting down and killing targets in a ruthless underground. While there are no plans for light sabers or force powers, this game should journey into a more unknown element of the Star Wars universe, which is always cool conceptually.

Apparently Lucas is going balls out on this one using all of his cool techie divisions to help develop this game which is more great news. The game will be fully showcased next week at E3 including platforms and the release window.

As a huge fan of all things Star Wars I love this idea. Any way you can add more excitement and newness to an older series is always welcome! With an expected array of cool weapons to go with a little conspiracy theory mystery (who doesn't love that?) this game will more than likely be a Top 10 choice to own whenever it comes out. So keep your eyes open for more news after E3!