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Spotlight on Hot Girl Monika Pietrasinska

You want sexy photos? We have got sexy photos! Everyone make sure to give the OGbro some love for bringing this lovely lady to our notice. She is hot enough to make an entire row of guys stand firmly at attention.

As we always strive to give the Manwall viewers exactly what they want! So it was off on an adventure to find out as much as possible about this lovely lass and also pilfer as many sexy photos as possible for a gallery that you can all enjoy in whatever way you would like.

Want to get deeper inside Monica (duh, who wouldn't)? Alas that seems to be rather difficult as there is not much to learn about her floating around on the web. She has a lot of sexy photos taken of her, she looks damn fine, she goes topless, you really need to learn more than that?

Fine...she is from Poland, stands 5' 8", and is a Sagittarius. There, are you happy? She made the Polish Playboy cover in July of 2011 (good luck finding that one!) and has done lots of swimsuit shoots in Europe. Not that it matter since 9 out of 10 guys looking at this just flip through the gallery of sexy photos.