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Spice Girls Reunion Tour - Do We Care?



As E-Online so eloquently put it, "...we don't exactly know when this magical experience will happen."

Uh, what? Magical experience? If by that you mean getting 5 girls in skimpy outfits parading around onstage to music then that same 'magical experience' happens every night at Scores. Oh, they also sing? Well a lot of people can sing. I do it in my shower every day. That doesn't mean people would actually pay to see it happen.

In fact the reason the Spice Girls tanked in the first place was not because of creative differences, a sex scandal with someone's boyfriend, or because they hate each other like many other notable group break-ups. Heck nobody needed to go to rehab or anything. It was more that after you've seen those girls strip down to little outfits and shake their asses for a bit you have seen the whole show. After a while the endless squawking starts to remind us of girlfriends or wives after the cute puppy dog phase wears off.

This would be the 2nd 'reunion' tour for the group. The smash success that was the 2008 Tour was cut short due to 'family and personal' commitments. Or it could have been the less than expected ticket sales and boredom. While the 2008 Tour made $70 million, we all know the artists hardly see any of that. Comparatively in 2008 Neil Diamond banked $81 million, Celine Dion earned $91 million, the Police reunion tour made $150 million, Madonna had $162 million, Bruce Springsteen popped for $204 million, and Bon Jovi hauled in $210 million.

Well $70 million isn't bad right? Considering they made $33.8 million of that over 17 nights in London (almost $2 mil per night) and the other $36 million over 136 shows ($264,000 per night) that sorta is.

Overall the girls have a more finished look and are curvier (thank you boob jobs) but I have also seen them on reality shows and such.

So is there any draw left? It is hard to say. Fans are older; the girls are older and most are now in the MILF category. Sure I would probably watch a sex tape of any of them or a nice porn, but actually suffer through a concert? Doubtful at best unless I knew I would get sex from my date post concert. But the staff here at Manwall isn't a bunch of haters. We will wish you the best (because we still have this thing for Geri).