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Spectacular Funny Videos of the Week


It's that time again; time to laugh your ass off to our collection of funny videos compiled from the net. This week we had quite a few suggestions and submission from the Manwall faithful. Guys, while appreciate those porn links (I really do), I can't use them in this segment because of the nudity factor. Also as much as I like to see people puking, after the 3rd or 4th link it is just hard to get geared up for lunch.

Of course I personally also had to spend hours slogging through too many mind numbingly boring videos to count that I had to find myself. Honestly it is surprising that I have both my sanity and was able to keep my lunch down after watching some of those horrible images.

The things we do for the Manwall faithful...

So what's on tap this week for our funny videos? We have some Will Ferrell, a little ranting, a dad that goes all out, and a little more.


This is some classic Will Ferrell back in 2009 when Funny or Die was in its infancy as he responded to fans emails. It is a real treat.


Here is just the most awesome 911 call ever. You can hear other operators laughing in the background.


Don't run over a cop's won't end well.


This is another entry from the Gentlemen's Rant collection. The topic this week is Gun Regulation.


This Week in Unnecessary Censorship! This funny video entry always makes me laugh so it gets included in this list a lot.


This dad is the kind of dad I wish I had growing up. It helps that he appears to work in a garage, but nonetheless that is pretty friggin' epic.