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Snoop Dogg's Weed Arrest

Everyone raise your hands if you are shocked by the latest drug bust by those fine officers of the law in the little border town of Sierra Blanca. Yes, they picked up Calvin Broadus (aka Snoop Dogg) for possession of weed. This is the same crack force that nabbed Willie Nelson back in 2010.

Honestly we here at Manwall have nothing against the police doing their job. Obviously down by the Mexico border we need a solid presence to stop the rampant drug trafficking. But what we are really amazed at is that he and these other guys keep getting caught with weed. Seriously, how often do you have to be toking up to not have any sort of basic idea how to hide your stash? Also when did Snoop Dogg's weed arrest become the high point for news in his career?

Times have certainly changed. First let's tackle the brain-cell lacking moves for Calvin and his crew. Upon being pulled over they had a few joints inside a pill bottle in the trash. Snoop of course has a cannabis prescription for some perfectly reasonable ailment from an upstanding doctor in California. But, that shit don't fly in Texas.

Now it was less than a half-ounce of Snoop Dogg's weed and the fine was a mere $537 so really no harm and no foul for the D-O double G. But seriously, if you smoke that much weed perhaps you should take the time to get a better stash spot than a trash can. The police use drug sniffing dogs for Pete's sake! Can you pick a better spot to put something other than at doggie nose level?

A few ideas around the water cooler included:

·       Using Ziploc bags or Tupperware to store that weed - Based on some of the leftovers found in the staff fridge, those brands can lock in any smell for weeks at a time.

·       Stuff that weed in the freezer - A big pimp tour bus has to have a freezer right?

·       Add a secret panel in the ceiling of the bus - Dogs can't stuff their nose up there

·       Switch to brownies and other treats for the bus - Because you're going to get hungry anyway

Interesting contributions from some of our staff who have obviously thought way too much about this (Kevin, HR said it's your turn for a random drug test by the way). On the other note, is it just me or is Snoop just getting kind of old? Besides biologically he has changed from being that cool kat who everyone wanted to hang out with, to more of the old uncle who tells stories about the good old days. Luckily he can still rock the mike. According to the billing he will be headlining Day 3 of the Coachella Music Festival with Dr. Dre, that is, if he can avoid getting busted for weed on the way there.