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Snoop Dogg is Still the Best

Even after all these years Snoop Dogg is still the best rapper in the business and it has nothing to do with his music anymore. The great thing about Snoop is that he has become such a character of consistency that even when news pops up and he is in it, you think to yourself, "Yeah, that's just Snoop being Snoop."

For example, news just came out that the D-O double G is banned from Norway for two years. Obviously he will be crushed if he can only hang out in Sweden, the Netherlands (hello Amsterdam), and the surrounding area. Naturally Norway caught Snoop with 8 grams of Mary Jane in June when he was popping by to perform at the Hovefestivalen event. Not only did they take his weed but they then popped him with a fat fine of $1,980!

That is rather ridiculous because you can buy about 8 grams of decent weed for about $100.

Of course Snopp Dogg being the pimp that he was just whipped out his fat stack of cash. But wait, for some weird reason in Norway you can only legally carry 10,000 Euros or it has to be declared. Snoop apparently hadn't declared properly so they of course fined his ass for that as well to the tune of $8,600 (after converting to American greenbacks). Of course he had the cash on hand.

At least the guys were cool enough to let him hit the show and perform. But now he is gone from Norway until sometime in 2014. Not that he is in any hurry to get back. In the meantime Snoop Dogg will just have to keep working on his new project, a reggae album under his moniker Snoop Lion.

Snoop Marley?

He might still rap about gin and juice but it seems like Snoop only has one love these days and those Scandinavian police are all over him for it. He was popped in Sweden in 2007 and for a long time has had a hard time getting a visa for the UK.

Of course this isn't really news; Snoop Dogg smoking weed and getting popped by the po-po is about as common as a bear taking a crap in the woods.

...but that is why he is still the best after all these years.