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Signs your Wife is Cheating


Finding out that someone is cheating on you just sucks. The worst thing is that you usually can look back after the fact and piece things together. Then, on top of everything else, you feel like a moron for not figuring it out earlier when everyone else around you already did.

Talk about kicking a guy in the nuts when he is down.

So let's fix that. How about a little detective work that anyone can do quickly, quietly, and subtly to check up on their better (or worse) half if you are concerned about the possibility of cheating. While it would be nice to be able to trust someone completely (because damnit you should be able to) there are just too many instances of people getting screwed over these days not to check if you are even slightly suspicious.

Some Warning Signs

1. New Friends - If your spouse or significant other suddenly starts spending a lot more time with a new friend or even old friends then there might be something going on. Everyone loves to hear those words, "We're just friends," which usually means, "for now." New people are exciting and new friendships can easily develop into more very easily.

2. Privacy - When someone suddenly needs more privacy it is usually because they are hiding things. When out of the blue they want to open their own bank account, get their own phone bill, start changing passwords, or erasing browser history that could be a good sign that something sneaky is going on. Usually there is a semi-reasonable excuse for the behavior but it is still just an excuse.

3. Regular Habits Change - People develop a general routine in life. When the routine suddenly changes there is usually a reason. Obviously this isn't a huge indicator but should be taken in conjunction with other things. Suddenly dressing up more, forgetting to do things, being late all the time, working longer hours, and other things might seem small but could also be happening because the routine has changed in a way you can't see.

4. More Computer or Phone Time - People crave attention and if they are going to someone else for it then it will either be in person or electronically. That can be more time chatting on Facebook (to 'friends'), talking on the phone all afternoon, or even texting. You don't always need to know who it is, just how the time has increased from what it normally has been.

5. Showering as Soon as they Get Home - People who do this want to clean of scents and get out of clothes to 'hide the evidence'. Sure they could have been at the gym, but that is easy enough to check on if it keeps happening.

6. Behavior That Doesn't Add Up - If it seems fishy then it probably is. When money or time isn't easily accounted for or causes an angry response when asked about, small lies, or even seeing your spouse someplace they normally don't go should set off warning bells.

7. Things Out of Place - The passenger seat in the car, things moved around on the nightstand, pillows not where you left them or even a toilet seat being left up can be signs that someone else has been in your territory.

8. Missing Wedding Ring - Sometimes they forgot to wear it! Or maybe it suddenly hurts their finger (yeah the pain of breaking your vows does that).

9. Excess Errands - Any excuse to run out or taking longer than it should to do things can be ways to get alone time for meeting people, texting, or making phone calls.

10. Call Log - When you see numbers you don't recognize on your call log. There are only so many wrong numbers you talk to for 20 minutes at a time.

11. Lack of Affection - If you don't have sex, hardly kiss, or have seen affection drop off then there is a problem. Someone else is more than likely getting that attention you used to. It can be fairly easily confirmed if you try to give her affection and such but get rebuked with 'headaches' or other reasons all the time.

12. Your Own Intuition - If you are thinking she could be having an affair or cheating then she probably is. More than likely your subconscious picked up on the clues but you just don't want to admit that it could be happening. You might even tell yourself that she never would do that to you. Never say never.

What to Do?

If you are getting the feeling that she is cheating then it is time to play private-eye. Yes, you could confront her but more than likely that will cause a fight, she will get defensive, make you feel stupid for not trusting her, and then she gets more sneaky. Or, if she really isn't doing anything wrong then you look like a dick. It is much easier just to do a little investigative work that is fairly simple.

Stay tuned for Part II when we cover steps to take if you think she is....