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Shows to Watch - The Client List

I think this is a first; Manwall is endorsing a TV show on the Lifetime Network. No, we aren't writing this while drunk or high. So read on and find out why we aren't crazy just yet.

What happens when you take a 33 year old Jennifer Love Hewitt (who has been working out) and cast her in the role of a single mom who works as a massage therapist that gives the occasional happy ending? You get a whole lot of guys (like the staff at Manwall) tuning in to Lifetime for the premier of The Client List.

First, J-Love still has it going on. She is hot and for this role is going to regularly be parading around in lingerie. Nice!

Yes the show is geared towards females and airs on Lifetime, but maybe your wife or girlfriend will get into the drama side while you just drool on Jennifer. Or maybe you just TiVo it and fast forward past any boring parts. Or maybe you actually like show and watch it for its' merits of the struggle of the single mom in Texas doing what she has to just to get buy (not likely but we figured we should toss it in).

So far the promo team for the show has been hyping of Jennifer's sexiness with billboards and posters of her posing in some very nice outfits (hint: bra and panties only). It is nice to see that she has taken some time in the gym to get her body back to that rocking state that we all enjoy.

The show premiers on Sunday night but I am sure you can find the first episode somewhere for a quick peek. Jennifer Love Hewitt in lingerie? Oh yeah, we are totally there! As cute as she was in Party of Five and as nice as her cleavage was in The Ghost Whisper, her role never included regularly servicing clients while wearing skimpy outfits!