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Shaun White is the Bro of the Month

We like Shaun White here at Manwall. The Flying Tomato has been a cool dude for years. Along with his tons of kick ass X-Game performances in skating and snowboarding, he gives back to his fans, has made some great video games, and even does a few funny commercials. Those gum commercials...nice! Two Olympic Gold medals? You know it!

But this week he decided to raise the bar on his Bro-dom.

Apparently Shaun watches late night TV and noted when uber hottie extraordinaire Bar Refaeli (Maxim's Hottest woman in the world) complained on a talk show that guys just don't hit on her. Challenge made...challenge accepted.

The Flying Tomato and his entourage hit the club early and then Bar joined him sometime after 1 (because only dudes show up early). They hit the dance floor and he was all over her like she was a vert ramp. Then like a BOSS he walked to his car and let her drive it home. Then he goes back in to hang with his posse.

So along with everything else about him that we like, now Shaun just made out with the hottest woman in the world. Does that compare to getting a perfect 100 at the 2012 Winter X-Games? I would like to think so.

What is next for our Ginger Haired Hero? Who knows? The sky is his limit and then only because there is no snow in space. But for now he can bask in the glory of being named a Bro of the Month here at Manwall.

'Potential defines where you start. Effort defines where you finish.'                  ~Bro Tip #1965