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Sexy Ladies Over 40

I was watching Tosh.0 recently and at the end of the episode he decided to review women over 40 and say whether he would or wouldn't bang them. I have to admit the bit was funny, mainly because he won't sleep with anyone over 40 and he included people like the Queen of England. But of course that got me to thinking (not about the Queen...) who over 40 would I bang?

Realistically 40 is just a number and there are a lot of people in their 40's that look waaaay better than people in their 30's. After all, those sexy ladies and cougars need loving too! On top of that there is the, "Wow I always wanted to sleep with her," or "Wow I really masturbated a lot to her" factor to consider. So I made a list and checked it twice, the whole time thinking about being naughty and not nice.

Here we go with the sexy ladies over 40 I would gladly bang. Enjoy the gallery for the Top 10!


1.     Monica Bellucci - I surprised myself by having her as my number one but after looking at the evidence I do not doubt my choice. The Italian-French combination gave her amazing curves and a ridiculously hot accent.

2.     Salma Hayek - Who wouldn't sleep with Salma, seriously? She is still hot as hell and one of the all time sexy ladies.

3.     Pamela Anderson - Pammy definitely wins the 'most masturbated to' award and still has enough of it that I would boldly go with Tommy Lee, Kid Rock, and countless others have gone.

4.     Stacey Dash - Good lord she easily looks 30! After Clueless I was a hound dog to find anything with Stacey Dash. Those eyes are amazing.

5.     Liz Hurley - Oh my god, I could watch Bedazzled with her playing the devil over and over even dealing with Brendan Fraizer's bad acting. Austin Powers and that accent are just what pushes me over the edge.

6.     Helena Christensen - You know that girl from that Chris Isaak video? Oh yeah!

7.     Elle Macpherson - Oh how I loved her in her SI Swimsuit heyday.

8.     Vanessa Marcil - This little hot number has been driving me crazy since her stint on the TV show Las Vegas.

9.     Halle Berry - Who doesn't want to sleep with Halle?

10. Jennifer Lopez - Jenny from the block has done sexy in so many ways.

11. Sophia Marceau - This French beauty was a Bond villianess as Elektra King and stole our heart.

12. Catherine Bell - She was the hot commander from that show JAG that was so popular a few years back. That short hair, amazing rack, and piercing gaze just smolder.

13. Julie Bowen - She actually looks better now than when she was younger. Working out as really made me want her more.

14. Famke Janssen - To keep the actress wheel rolling we have to mention the woman who played Jean Grey and my favorite was her role in Rounders.

15. Kelly Hu - The beauty queen stole my heart (aw how sweet) and was sexy as hell in The Scorpion King.

16. Naomi Watts - Amazing blonde looker with a sexy British accent is the only Naomi over 40 on the list.

17. Gina Gershon - Mainly for Showgirls, but also her role in FaceOff gets Gina here. She just seems like that dirty girl you take home at last call who then leaves you begging for more.

18. Marisa Tomei - She is funny, she is sexy, and she does some serious stripper work in the Wrestler.

19. Lori Loughlin - I still have found memories of Full House and would gladly plow her.

20. Kate Walsh - A lone ginger! It's all about the eyes and the legs...paging Dr.  Addison...


Just Missed the Sexy Ladies List - Diane Lane, Demi Moore, Cindy Crawford, Ashley Judd, Lauren Graham, and Jennifer Aniston, Gwen Steffani, Lucy Liu.