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Sexy Ladies Face Off: Sara Jean Underwood vs. Olivia Munn

In this week's Face Off we feature a pair of sexy ladies whose careers have intersected a few times. After seeing them both in similar arenas it is time to debate who is hotter: Sara Jean Underwood or Olivia Munn?

We have compiled a gallery for you, the loyal Manwall viewer to consider.

The most obvious degree of separation for these two sexy ladies is their appearances on the Attack of the Show. Olivia was a host who then took vacation leaves being replaced by the always hot Sara Underwood in 2010. But before that, they also both did work for Playboy in 2007. Kevin Bacon eat your heart out.

Sara Jean Underwood

This little vixen is blonde, perky, and very hot. She did get implants, but they really accentuate her well. She has a tight, fit body that is well tanned to go with her ever-present smile and good natured laugh. Sara is 27 and her history includes a stint at Hooters, being the Playmate of the Year in 2007, along with appearances in the Girls Next Door and the House Bunny.

She recently started repping for Victory Poker and sometimes plays tournaments representing them. On the show, some of her best bits involve her sexiness such as the Naked Bike Ride, the faux super heroine Bustice, and oatmeal wrestling.

Olivia Munn

Olivia is like the other side of the coin to Sara with dark hair, olive skin, freckles, and a wry sense of humor. While still having a nice body, she is more like a natural surfer girl (and she does surf) instead of the tanned and toned curves of Sara. Really she reminds us more of our sister's hot friend than a pin-up model. Olivia is 31 and started her career as a sideline reporter for Fox Sports.

Along with tapping into the 'Geek' demographic and unleashing her sexiness all over Attack of the Show with her Chung-Lei, Wonder Woman, and Princess Leia costumes, Olivia proved she had a great sense of humor and the ability for spontaneous creativity. She has been in the movies Big Stan, Date Night, and Iron Man 2 along with TV spots on the Daily Show, Greek, and Chuck. In 2007 she did a non-nude Playboy shoot and has been one of Maxim's Hot 100 Women from 2008 to current along with FHM's Sexiest Women top 100 from 2008 to 2010.

The Results

After polling the Manwall Offices the results are a Tie! Both women are amazingly hot but in different ways. Not a single man in the office said they would kick either of these sexy ladies out of bed or refuse a date from them. So we ask you, which of these two sexy ladies wins the face off?