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Scott Disick - Professional Creeper

Scott Disick is that douche bag who is married to Kourtney Kardashian. Now as much as I think the Kardashians should get everything that is coming to them from a karma standpoint, I have a bit of a soft spot for Kourtney.

To start with, she is the hot one of the sisters. Yes, Kim has that giant ass, but I prefer the slimmer KK to big-butt KK. Then this Scott dude is seriously creepy. Just looking at him, he gives off a solid "strange" vibe. Plus if you think about it, Disick is also 'is Dick'. Now you could interpret that as 'is a dick' or at least that is what I do.

So how is this weird guy a creeper? Apparently he is all about hitting the bars and clubs and acting like he has money to attract the gullible girls back to his lair. Then he and a partner get all freaky with the girls and record it. Apparently he had quite a few sex scandals pre-KK and now has some more going on while his wife is at home with the kids.

Dude. Your wife is waaay prettier than you deserve and she is bringing home some serious bucks. Don't be an idiot and pull a Federline here. If you actually catch yourself a Golden Goose who is willing to accept you then you put out some effort to make that stuff work bro! The guy is some sort of pill pusher for GNC and runs some restaurant in NYC but it seems like being a house hubby for a rich mama is a better gig.

That means you stop trolling for some strange and treat that girl like she deserves. You don't go out and ride skanks bareback while filming it for all to see. Not only is that not bro, it is just plain not cool. While normally I feel this type of karma reaction is well deserved (like if it happened to big-butt-Kim), in this case I actually feel a little bad for Kourtney because somehow this guy seems to be able to play his game and she keeps him around.

So for this, Scott Disick is Manwall's official Dick of the Week!