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Say Hello to Hot Girl of the Week - Cora Skinner


This week the OGbro nominated the lovely and hot Cora Skinner as a Babe of the Week and we could not agree more. As one of our favorite bros on the site, OG posted some hot photos of Cora as his nomination. The crack staff here at Manwall takes our user recommendations seriously so we quickly checked out her bona fides.

Honestly a blind man could probably tell what a babe Cora Skinner is even without being able to see her hot photos. While we shall assume that our good friend, the OGbro, probably ran across her hot photos while looking for spank bank material, we do not hold that against him. In fact, we give him a one-handed applause that he decided to save the picture to share with us later.

So what do you need to know about Cora Skinner aside from the fact that she takes smoking hot photos? The young lass is an American model working out of California. She has a nice website (at, tweets occasionally at @coraskinner (only 2,351 followers), is 27, and has done a little TV work on CSI, The Office, and Rules of Engagement.

Other than that we don't have much to say about her. Did we mention she was hot?