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San Diego Suffers from a 4th of July Premature Celebration

Ever get a bit bored at a fireworks show waiting for the big finale? They are supposed to start slow and then build up the excitement before going balls out on the big finish. Hrm you can tell a guy designed this because it sounds a lot like use having sex. Most shows last a solid 10 minutes (plus or minus a few minutes for foreplay) before the big boom.

Then everyone does the walk of shame home. But not in Sand Diego! Some crazy bastard (we know it wasn't just a glitch) flipped the "Go Nuclear" switch and launched every damn rocket in a 15 second span while Queen's "We Will Rock You" blared in the background.

Then we get to hear a bunch of people bitch and moan (which sounded a whole lot like a girl after not getting there...) with comments like, "I waited for 3 hours and paid 12 bucks for parking for 30 seconds of explosions?"

Personally I think it was pretty cool because how many of us have wondered wtf that would look like.

Honest mistake OR the most Awesome Fireworks Show ever? You be the judge!