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Ryan Reynolds gets Wifed Up!

This guy is driving me insane! I'm mean I have a total man-crush on Mr. Reynolds because of his catalog of work and general awesomeness, but sometimes it really seems that he has a golden horseshoe shoved up his ass.

Why all the ranting? Because he just married Blake Lively and I f*&king love Blake Lively! Of course Ryno didn't just have a simple wedding; nope the dude had to get hitched at the site of that panty-dropping chick flick The Notebook. Thanks for setting the bar so damn high Ryan!

Some guys have all the luck. After just getting divorced from super-hottie Scarlett Johansson he quickly rebounded with Blake. They met on the set of Green Lantern. So let's see he is a movie star that can do no wrong, People's Sexiest Man Alive in 2010, only dates hot women, and is considered to be a really nice guy. Oh yeah, he has that 'photo-shopped' looking set of abs too. Freaking Ryan Reynolds!

All respect does go out to him for slowly working his way up the Hollywood food chain. He did awful shows like Sabrina the Teenage Witch way back when before landing a solid score in the Two Guys and a Girl Sitcom (very underrated). From there it was off to Van Wilder and suddenly the golden boy had arrived! He started dating Alanis Morissette (who was pretty hot in 2002) and his movie career took off with roles in Blade - Trinity, Amityville Horror, and Wolverine highlighting his reel.

Even the crappy movies mixed in there and so-so fodder like Waiting...Smoking Aces, Just Friends, or the Proposal could stop the RR-train! Sometimes if you have a few flicks tank then people get scared away, but not from our boy. Then he dumped Morissette and hooked up with the hottest ticket in town, Scar-Jo. They got married. They got divorced. Somewhere in there or before her Ryan was supposedly banging Sandra Bullock.

He just can't do wrong! Even after the Green Lantern flopped (bad special effects and weak choice for an intro story DC) he is still in line for Deadpool and a few other comic book roles like the soon to be released RIPD. Plus he just nabbed Blake! The only bad thing I can say about Ryan is he is Canadian.


Even after all of that wrath and fury I still can't be mad at you Ryan Reynolds. Yes those damn good looks of yours are serving you well but that charm you have keeps bringing me back. So I will have to give you respect for bagging another "10" that every other guy wishes he could and quote the wasted dude from Van Wilder by paraphrasing, "Ryan is in the Guinness Book of World-f*&king-Records man...under, "Raddest F*&king Dude Alive"!"

To show my appreciation I compiled a gallery of my favorite Ryan Reynolds moments...which oddly all seem to be pictures of Blake Lively. Enjoy.