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Russell Brand Takes Over!

The man is back with a vengeance and seems like he might be even funnier than ever! Honestly I was worried for a little bit. Russell was on the verge of becoming a full blown tool...and that was rather sad.

Let's dial it back a bit. For those who don't know Russell Brand started his early career by focusing on comedy. The guy was doing some really great stand-up in the UK from 2000 to 2007 that got only a little US action. He also did some UK Big Brother junk and MTV stuff including his Russell Brand lounge where he interviewed stars. That is a bit where his funky personality really started to come out.

Then Russell hit his stride with Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Get Him to the Greek. On top of that he started shagging Katy Perry. But then things started to unwind. It was like he believed his own hype too much about how funny, cool, and sexy he was. Let's face it; Arthur was not that good of a movie. Then his marriage with Katy Perry hit the rocks.

Spiral...mayday...mayday...going down!

But after a little time out of the limelight it seems like Russell is alive and doing well. He is going back to his more comedic roots and lesser playing his characters from movies. He has the Booky Wook 2 Tapes coming out. He is doing stand-up with titans of the industry like Eddie Izzard and Eric Idle in the UK. Of course he is also launching some more great TV moments with his new show to premiere soon on FX. This 30 minute show won't be a standard late night fare as the audience will be expected to interact and take a larger part.

An added bonus, Russell Brand stopped by the House of Commons to discuss drug addiction and give his own personal take on what the British Government is doing wrong and should do instead. He has some valid points being a former heroin addict.

So it looks like Brand is back which is really great to hear. The guy is honestly funny and engaging on stage. If you have a chance to see him I highly recommend it. Here is a great clip of some of his previous stuff:

Thank god he fixed that crazy hair.