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Rules of Facebook

You would think by now that everyone would get it, but they don't. Facebook is a unique and special place. You can keep track of friends, update people on your life, waste time on games, and be a total jackass all in the span of a few minutes.

The power of Facebook is that it is so easy. Ten years ago it is doubtful that you gave a flying fart about most of the people you graduated with except close friends and girls you wanted to hook-up with. But now for some reason you are friended with half of your graduating class. The same goes for casual business and interactions. You hit a party one night and the next morning there are 6 new people on your Friends list who you hardly remember.


So that is why there are general rules for guys using Facebook. Consider it an etiquette class for having class when using one of the most open social experiments ever devised.

·       Don't change your profile picture every week - That just makes you a self-involved douche. A good picture should last a long time. By the same token don't swap to a 'cute couples' picture when you get a girlfriend. It's your damn account.

·       Don't post drunk - Hell don't use Facebook when drunk...or depressed...or super lonely. That is when you post things that cause problems for a long time because you can't remove posts off your ex-girlfriends wall. Why are you still friended with her anyway?

·       Use the groups properly - Segregation sucks in real life but on Facebook it is a must. Categorize people into the proper groups and then only post things to each group that they need to see. That way your Family won't be freaked out by some of the stuff you do.

·       Never friend your boss - This goes for people who can get you fired or report to HR. What happens on Facebook should stay on Facebook, but it doesn't.

·       Don't friend everyone you meet - Be a little selective for crying out loud. Not only does it make you look needy, but it also cheapens the relationships with your real friends on there (you know, the ones who's posts you read).

·       Don't stalk people on Facebook - This is just creepy. This goes for break-ups too. You don't need to know what they are doing now since they don't want you in their lives.

·       Once a day - It's like masturbating...too much will make you go blind. Seriously you don't need to check it more than once or sometimes twice if you rub one out early enough. The exception is people who use it for business.

Got any rules we missed? Please feel free to share them with us and the rest of your Bro's.