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Really Brock Lesnar, Really?

Okay so when Brock Lesnar was a wrestler in college he was legit. After college he did some fake wrestling and made big money. That is cool as well. The guy was huge, knew how to actually wrestle, and was a decent entertainer. Then he quit that because he was tired of the long hours. An understandable career choice for a guy who wanted a family.

Then for a lark he pursued a career in the NFL. I am sure any of us would do the same if we were in his position. Trying to fulfill a lifelong dream is always something to applaud. After it didn't work out he turned his attention to MMA.

At first people thought he wasn't serious but the guy trained hard and was quickly the new champ. But he kept getting sick and was able to progress enough and basically got the crap kicked out of him enough that he was done. Well he tried and that is cool.

But now he is back to the WWE? Weak sauce! Check the video clip:

First thoughts, Brock looks small and flabby. When he was wrestling the guy was a solid 280 with lots of big muscle. He was tanned, looked mean, and looked bad ass. To do MMA he lightened up but was still big and looked powerful. But in this clip he looks like he hasn't worked out since his last fight.

Honestly it seems like a simple money grab from Brock and that is always weak in our opinion here at Manwall. It was pretty cool when the crowd started shouting, "Holy Shit" over and over. But other than that we all to a man think it is pretty pathetic that Brock is just here to cash in.

You used to be so awesome Brock. What happened?